BeOS Native Software

SoundPlay Spc Plugin - Snes Music Player(source included)
Cl-Amp Spc Plugin - Snes Music Player(source included)
Hexer - Hexadecimal to Decimal Tracker Add-on Page
IoPort - Parallel port driver with a C++ class for using it in your apps if needed(source included)
SmsPlus-BeOS - Sega Master System Emulator Page
NeoPop - Snk NeoGeo Pocket Emulator Page
Snes9x-BeOS Emulator Page
Cheat 'O Be(Universal Cheating app) Page
BeSwcSend - Super Wildcard Rom Sender Page
SimpleSap - Atari 8-bit music player(source included)
TileConverter - My first program - a crap gui based how many tiles needed shit type app(source included)
NeoGeo Cd Bios strip utility, makes the Bios correct for Yoshi's and Foster's NeoCD emulators(source included)
SramHeader - Adds a header to Zsnes/Snes9x sram, Someone wanted this app for their Wildcard a while back, hey you can have it too, ehehehe(source included)

BeOS Allegro software ports

All these apps required either major or small modifications to work on BeOS.
More recent versions of some of these applications are available at BeEmulated.

James Higgs's Jum52 Atari5200 emulator
BeGymPlayer - Megadrive/Genesis music player(source included)(Now recompiled with the latest Allegro, far better sound quality
Charles Mac Donald's Tgemu - TurboGrafx16/PcEngine emulator(source included)
O2Em - Dan Boris's Odyssey Emulator(source included)
Raine - the famous arcade emulator <raine source code>
Snes9x - the famous Snes9x emulator <Snes9x source code>

BeOS SDL Binaries

Any SDL binaries are available at BeEmulated, or you can download and build them yourself by clicking some of the links below


NeoPop Homepage
GnuBoy Homepage
Charles Mac Donald's Homepage, loads of emulation stuff here
James Higgs Jum52 Homepage
Vincent van Dam fMSX-SDL Homepage, BeOS binary on his homepage
(LULU) fce ultra homepage
BeEmulated, the premier BeOS emulation site
Snes9x Emulator homepage
Dan Boris's Homepage
Ucon64 homepage, go and get the best rom tool ever.
Raine homepage